Columbus Family YMCA
Columbus, Nebraska
Columbus Family YMCA
Columbus, Nebraska

Group Lessons

Each full session is 8 days for 30 minutes/lesson. Any sessions with less than 8 days will be offered at a pro-rated price. Please be mindful of designated ages and levels. Small groups are offered to ensure each swimmer is provided with plenty of one-on-one time.

Fee: Members $45, Non-Members $68

private swim lessons

Lessons can be purchased as a single 30-minute lesson or as a package of 4, 30-minute lessons. Package lessons can be set up for once or twice a week (if you need all 4 lessons in the same week you must speak with the Aquatic Director for approval). Lessons will be set up for the same days and times unless indicated otherwise. Lessons are subject to pool and instructor availability. You will
receive a lesson schedule after registration has been completed.

Fee: Members $20/single, $72/package  |  Non-Members $33/single, $119/package   

parent/child swim lessons

This class is for parents and their infants/toddlers ages 6 months to 2 years. Lessons will be held in our warm water pool, where they will be introduced to water and learn some swimming basics. The parent will be in the water with the child to help them get familiarized with water and prime them for swimming lessons later on.

  • Introduction to water
  • Basic water safety
  • Encourage water movement using toys and floatation devices
  • Build a positive relationship between parent and child by providing opportunities for fun and interaction in the water

Fee: Members $45  |  Non-Members $68  

Youth Swim Team

The Columbus YMCA Swim Club (CYSC) is our competitive swim team with practices and monthly meets. Swimmers who participate must be able to swim 25 yards (one length) of the pool using both the freestyle and backstroke. Swimmers must know and understand the basic concepts of swimming – this is NOT swimming lessons. Emphasis will be placed upon stroke instruction, endurance, sportsmanship and having fun.

Swim Team has two sessions (see below). Swimmer(s) must register for the first session to be able to swim in the second session. Swim team participants are required to be YMCA member—Nebraska YMCA Swim League policy.

Swimmers must be registered prior to the first meet in October to swim. All new swimmers will swim with a coach the first week of practice to make sure they qualify for the swim team. If for any reason the child is unable to successfully complete the swim, the family will be refunded in full for the cost of the session.

Session 1

Dates: Sepetmber – December

Practice Time:
Monday – Thursday 4:15 PM—5:45 PM

Parent Meeting: TBD

Home Swim Meet Location: Columbus Aquatic Center

Session 2

Dates: Late January—March

Practice Time:
Monday – Thursday 4:15 PM—5:45 PM

Youth (5 years old to 8th Grade): $120/session

High school student: $60/session

Swim Team Clinic

Dates: TBA for 2024

Times: TBA for 2024

Fee: Members $50, Non-Members $50

Columbus Family YMCA Pool Rules

  1. No person is permitted to use the pool without first having taken a warm water shower, using soap.
  2. No person having an obvious communicable disease, skin eruption, cut, sore or lesion, eye, ear, nose, or throat infection, is permitted to use any public swimming pool.
  3. Spitting or spouting of water, blowing the nose, or any other similar activities in the swimming pool is strictly prohibited.
  4. No running, boisterous or rough play, except supervised water sports, is permitted in the pool, or on the runways, diving boards, floats, platforms, or in the dressing rooms.
  5. Food and drink items are not allowed in the pool area. Water and water bottles for those exercising will be permitted on pool deck. Glass containers of any kind are not permitted in the facility.
  6. Tobacco use and/or tobacco products are not allowed on YMCA Property (including the parking lot).
  7. Please avoid hanging on lane lines and ropes.
  8. Please refrain from playing on pool ladders and/or steps.
  1. Patrons are not permitted to flip from the side of the pool into the water.
  2. No diving is permitted in our pool at all, state regs state pools must be at least 9 feet for diving.
  3. Children of diaper age must wear an approved swim diaper.
  4. Clean balls, diving rings/sticks, noodles, goggles, etc are permitted in the pool. Please be sure each item is clean and in good working condition.
  5. The YMCA is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
  6. Wrist Band Swim Test a) Any youth wishing to use the pool during Family Open Swim will be asked to take a swim test. Swim tests will test the youth on their swimming ability and areas of the lap pool they are allowed to use. b) Please see the back of this sheet for specifications for the pool test.
  7. The YMCA reserves the right to ask anyone to leave the pool/facility for good reason.
Lap Swimming Pool
  1. Lanes are designated for lap swimmers.
  2. Recreational swimming is not permitted in lap lanes.
  3. Water temperature ±82ºF.
  4. Maximum capacity of 237 persons.
  5. The lap pool is a shared place. Please share your lane and be courteous to all other swimmers.
Warm Water Pool
  1. Out of high school and older use only.
  2. Water temperature ±94ºF.
  3. Maximum capacity of 24 persons.
Whirl Pool
  1. Out of high school and older use only.
  2. Please do not submerge or exercise in the whirl pool. This may cause the blood pressure to rise beyond a safe level.
  3. If you have heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes or other medical concerns, you should check with your doctor before using the whirl pool.
  4. Do not use the spa/hot tub while under the influence of alcohol, tranquilizers, or other drugs that cause drowsiness or that raise or lower blood pressure.
  5. Observe reasonable time limits (that is, 10–15 minutes), then leave the water and cool down before returning for another brief stay.
  6. Long exposure may result in nausea, dizziness, or fainting.
  7. Keep all breakable objects out of the area.
  8. Water temperature is ≤104ºF.
  9. Maximum capacity of 12 persons.

Safety Swim Test

  1. Each youth patron tested will be given a colored safety band to wear at the pool. If a youth patron chooses not to wear the band they will be considered as a “Red Band” swimmer.
  2. The “Green Band” deep water test consists of the following:
    1. No floatation devices or assistance allowed during this test.
    2. First ask the patron to swim across the shallow end of pool. If successful have them move to the deep end.
    3. Jump into water that is over the patron’s head and return to the surface.
    4. Swim one pool length (25 yards) unassisted and without rest. Swimmer must maintain positive body position (legs should not drop past 45 degree angle) for the entire distance. Start swimmers at the deep end and travel to the shallow end (if they tire toward the end of the lap they may be able to stand up as an extra layer of safety).
    5. Tread water for one minute, turn on their back, float briefly, then swim (either on front or back) to the side and exit the pool without using the ladder. “Green Band” swimmers are allowed in any part of the lap pool.
  1. If a swimmer cannot complete each of the objectives listed above, they may take the “Yellow Band” shallow water competency test:
    1. Swimmer is placed in a horizontal position on their back by the testing guard.
    2. Swimmer must then stand up (regain a vertical position).
    3. Swimmer is then placed in a horizontal position on their front by the testing guard.
    4. Swimmer must again stand up (regain a vertical position). “Yellow Band” swimmers must stay in water that is armpit deep or less.
  2. Those who do not pass the shallow water competency test are considered “Red Band” or “non-swimmers.” Those who decline to take the test are also considered “non-swimmers.” “Red Band” swimmers must stay in water that is armpit deep or less and require active adult supervision with and adult. Active supervision means the adult must be in the water within arm’s reach at all times (1 adult per 2 children ratio).
  • At no time may a child with a Red Band or Yellow Band swim in water deeper than armpit level, unless an adult is within arm’s reach and in the pool (1 adult per 2 children ratio).
  • Red Band and Yellow Band swimmers are strongly encouraged to enroll in swimming lessons.
  • Intentionally wearing the wrong color safety band results in immediate removal from the pool.
  • Remember shallow water is in relationship to the swimmer. The Columbus Family YMCA uses a guideline of water that is armpit deep or less. For small children, the zero entry area may be the best place for them to swim with an adult.
  • Final competency includes having the swimmer or parents read all pool rules.

Pool Hours