Columbus Family YMCA
Columbus, Nebraska
Columbus Family YMCA
Columbus, Nebraska


Blue Lane is the Fast Lane-Runners will stay to the right.

15+ laps are a mile on the inside lane
14+ laps are a mile on the outside lane
Low usage times are 1 PM—3:30 PM, M–F Track is for High School & Older

Kids are allowed on the track after they pass the Youth Strength Training Course and need to wear the YMCA Youth Strength Training T-shirt. Parents can be holding 0–1 yr. olds on the track but the child must be held while they are on the track.

Remember to look both ways while getting off and on the track. Be courteous to runners and walkers around you.

Family Track Time
Need to be on the track with your family (adult, high school and older) with younger ones. Strollers are allowed during this time.

Tuesday 4 PM—5:30 PM

Friday 7 PM—9 PM

Sunday 4 PM—5:30 PM

Wellness Floor

Synrgy360 is a unique fitness piece that gives users unlimited ways to exercise and achieve more than ever before. This piece includes kettlebells, punching bag, medicine balls, and TRX straps. New adjustable benches, dumbbells and fixed barbells are on the floor. Our Plate Loaded Equipment is Hammer Strength Equipment. Most every serious athletic team, as well as hundreds of fitness facilities worldwide, make Hammer Strength their #1 strength-training choice. The Wellness Floor has 2 Cybex Weight Circuits. One Circuit is outside of the track and has more of a private setting. This circuit includes 2 Total Access Machines, a Chest Press and a Lat Pulldown. Total Access machines are designed specifically to address the exercise needs of people with disabilities, as well as the active aging population. Another circuit is in the middle of the track. Cybex really researches the biomechanics of the human body and has done testing on athletes to understand how muscles are targeted and minimum stress is placed on joints. You will love the Cybex equipment.

The floor includes some Precor Treadmills, AMTs, and Precor bikes for some great cardio equipment. Precor was the first to design the Elliptical so they know they have got a great product. The Floor also includes a Precor stretch trainer. The trainer enables users to prepare their bodies for a stronger and more satisfying workout and helps to prevent injury during and after exercise. The floor includes Lifefitness Treadmills, Ellipticals, and Step Mills. Cybex offers the ARC Trainer, Treadmills and bikes on the floor as well. The Concept 2 Rower is available for a cardio workout that includes 9 different muscle groups used while working out. Three more cardio pieces are on the floor as well, including: a Matrix Hybrid Cycle, an Airfit Stairmaster bike, and a Scifit Pro1 Upper Body Rehab Trainer. More options only give people more choices that will fit their needs. TV’s are on most of the equipment, so remember to bring your ear buds. Wi-Fi is available to users on the Wellness Floor. As a member, you can either stay connected on your cardio machine or enjoy the beautiful wall of windows to look outside.

Reminder: The Wellness Floor is for ADULTS ONLY (High School age and older). Youth Strength Training graduates must wear their official YST shirt to use the Wellness Floor.

Youth Gym Info

Children 7–10 can play and have fun with legos, basketballs, crafts, skooters, footballs, etc… in the youth gym while their guardian is working out. They must stay in the youth gym until guardians get them.

Children younger than 10 years of age cannot be in the Y without a parent or guardian inside the building (unless child is registered and participating in a YMCA program).

Supervised Youth Gym Hours:
Monday–Thursday 5:00pm-8:00pm 

Studio rules 

Studio Rules for Members

  • Studios can be used by members out of High School and older for workouts when classes aren’t going on. If doors are locked, a YMCA staff member can open.
  • Only YMCA fitness instructors can use the sound systems in each room
  • Equipment in Studios can be used, please put away when done. Please keep equipment clean after use.
  • Studios are open to Fitness Classes and Personal Trainings, including Y lose it, before they are open to members individual workouts.
  • Youth that have passed the Youth Strength Training course can be in studios during a class. Need to wear shirts.  Any youth attending class and causing a distraction can be asked to leave.
  • Youth 0-6 years old need to be in Childwatch during classes. Kids can’t be sitting on the floor in studios.
  • Boxing Equipment is owned by Columbus Community Hospital and is only to be used in their classes or in Training sessions with YMCA Staff.