General Policies

  1. Members must scan their membership card to gain admittance to the YMCA. NO CARD, NO ADMITTANCE. Replacing a lost card is $5.00 per card.
  2. All attire worn in the YMCA must be appropriate and consistent with the YMCA Mission and related activities. Inappropriate attire will not be allowed in the YMCA.
  3. The YMCA is not responsible for personal articles lost or stolen at the YMCA. We suggest you leave all valuables at home or be sure to lock them up while using the facility.
  4. Lockers are available on a daily basis at no charge or can be rented on an annual basis. Please use a lock that has a protective cover on it to prevent damage to lockers. Locks may be purchased at the front desk.
  5. The YMCA is not responsible for any accidental injury to members and guests while participating in physical activities at our facility or in our programs.
  6. The YMCA is classified as a “Drug Free Zone.” Any type of drugs, tobacco, alcohol or controlled substances are prohibited and penalties for violations of this federal classification are doubled.
  7. The YMCA is to be a cell phone free area. You may bring your cell phone with you to use for emergencies but it must remain put away. Phones used for videotaping and taking pictures will be confiscated and the offender will be excluded from the building. Phone access is always available at the front desk of the YMCA.
  8. The Columbus Family YMCA is a Gang Free Zone. No gang imitation of any kind will be tolerated at the YMCA. This includes but is not limited to: clothing, bandanas, colors, hat positions, throwing signs, and tattoos. Anyone violating this policy will be banned from the YMCA. Appropriate action will be taken against them by the Columbus Police Department.

Administrative Policies

  1. The YMCA reserves the right to cancel any class or program due to insufficient registration, unavailability of instructors or loss of class space.
  2. Cash refunds will not be made, except in cases where the YMCA has cancelled classes/programs or the YMCA receives written notification of the reason(s) the class cannot be attended before the first class session.
  3. Memberships are sold on an annual basis or on a month to month basis with an automatic bank withdrawal plan. Monthly memberships must be cancelled in writing before the fifth (5th) of each month to stop the automatic withdrawal from the bank. Monthly memberships automatically renew unless cancelled in writing by the member.
  4. Financial assistance is available to adults and families to help them become a YMCA Member. Funding from the United Way and from donations from the community enable our YMCA to assist those who are less fortunate but want to belong to the YMCA.

Youth Policies

The safety and welfare of children is a priority at the Columbus Family YMCA.

Children under age 7 must be accompanied by an adult (out of high school or older) who is in the same room at all times, signed into our Child Watch or under the supervision of a Y staff member leading a YMCA program.

Children 7–9 years old are able to use the gymnasium and the youth activity center when their parent or guardian is in the facility. Parents may not leave the facility when their children are at the YMCA. The swimming pool is also available for children this age when an open swim time is scheduled. Parents must be in the facility for a child of this age to swim and the child must follow all YMCA pool rules. 7–9 year olds may NOT be at the YMCA without a parent unless they are registered and participating in a YMCA program or a chaperoned birthday party.

Children 10 years old and up may use the YMCA on their own without a parent in the facility. All age restrictions must be followed: track, exercise equipment, whirlpool, warm water pool, and steam rooms. YMCA Youth Strength Training graduates may use the track and exercise equipment if they are wearing their YMCA Muscle Shirt.

The YMCA staff encourages families to participate and use the facilities together—helping to create opportunities to come together as a family, building bonds that create healthy families—spirit, mind and body.

No Smoking

The YMCA announces that “No Smoking” will be honored throughout the Columbus YMCA facilities and grounds in the interest of the health of all members, guests and staff.