What’s happening at YOUR YMCA?

Healthy Kids Day 2020 will take place on Saturday, April 18!

Healthy Kids Day is the Y’s largest national youth initiative, bringing children and families together through activities and education that inspire healthy habits in the summer months and year-round. This event is FREE for the entire community! 9am-11am


Hundred Club 2019 Results

Rachele Eller 1,090 Miles – Run For Life

Marcia Grant 363.73 Miles – Run For Life

Robin Haynes 1,505.80 Miles – Run For Life

Mary Hruska 422.80 Miles – Exercise For Life

Brenda Korus 622.50 Miles – Exercise For Life

Mike Munson 235 Miles – Run For Life

Nancy Munson 282 Miles – Walk For Life

Andrea Norquest 416.50 Miles – Exercise For Life

Mary Rosendahl 300 Miles – Exercise For Life

Rosemae Schaefer 406.97 Miles – Exercise For Life

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