What is Family Open Swim?
Family open swim is a time anyone is allowed to come splash around in the pool. Please be courteous to
the lap swimmers and those water‐walking. There will be reserved lanes for those who are exercising
during this time. Open swimmers are not permitted to play in these lanes unless no one is using them.
Should a lap swimmer want to use a lane, any open swimmers will need to leave the area. Family open
swim is free for all members and those paying a day fee. All youth will be given a swim test if they would
like to swim without an adult or swim in deeper water.

What is the Family Open Swim Swim Test?
The YMCA wants to keep each swimmer that enters the pool safe by providing a precautionary swim test.
Each swimmer age 12 and under will be asked to choose a swim test that they feel fits their swim level.
There are three tests to choose from (1) Red Band, a non-swimmer and/or may need a life-vest. All non-

swimmers/red bands will need an adult in the water with them and stay within an arm's reach. (2) Yellow
Band, can float on stomach and back independently. Yellows can go into water up to their armpits without
an adult in the water. (3) Green Band, can continuously swim 25 yards and tread water for 1 minute.
Greens can go anywhere in the open swim areas of the pool.

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