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  Adult Programs

Men’s 3 on 3 Basketball

Thursdays | June 6–August 22

The 3 on 3 Basketball league is for adults 18 years or older. High school athletes are NOT allowed to play in the 3 on 3 Adult League. Please enter as a team. The league will play on Thursday evenings.

Fees must be paid during registration in order for teams to be entered into the league. Registrations are due one week prior to the start of a session. Each session is an 11 week session. Separate divisions are scheduled depending upon each team’s selected skill level.


Members | $25
Non-Members | $70

Registration Deadline

May 29

Summer PickleBall League

Monday Evenings | June 24–July 15  |  Mixed Doubles/Doubles

Come be a part of a new program for the young and the old. Pickleball is a fun sport that combines the elements of tennis, badminton, and ping-pong. There will be different divisions, based on age and ability. Space will be limited, so register early. Prizes to the top 2 individuals in each division.


Members: $25/team

Non-Members: $40/team

Battle of the paddle doubles PICKLEBALL tournament

Times—Seniors: 12 PM–2PM   Youth: 2PM–4PM   Adult: 6PM–8PM  |  Jun 3–4  |  Mixed Doubles/Doubles

Seniors (60+ yrs old), Adult (19–59 yrs old), and Youth (12–18 yrs old). June 3 is Pool Play and June 4 is Bracket Tourney. $15/player for Members and $20/player for Non-Members. Register individually.


Fitness Department

We have over 250 years of experience at our Y in the Fitness Department. It’s what makes people keep coming back year after year. Our Instructors are the best in the business!

Days, times, and classes are subject to change based on instructor availability and class participation.

Schedules & Descriptions available at the YMCA or on our website,, and the Columbus Family YMCA app.

  • Classes are Free to YMCA Members
  • Non-Members pay a day pass to take classes
  • Adult Fitness Classes are for High School and Older
  • Youth in middle school/junior high must be accompanied with an adult to take a class. Successful completion of Youth Strength Training Class and wearing their YMCA Muscle shirt allows them to take classes on their own.
Free Classes Offered
Land Aerobics
  • Bodypump
  • Les Mills Core
  • Pilates
  • Muscle Strength & Sculpt
  • Group Cycling
  • Zumba
  • Stretching & Beyond
  • Yoga
  • Hardcore HIIT
  • Barre
  • HIIT Circuit
  • Burn
Water Aerobics
  • Aqua Zumba
  • Aquacise
Classes Great for Chronic Diseases

Led by YMCA

  • Stretching & Beyond
  • Enhance
  • LiveStrong
Led by CCH

  • Spine Fit
  • Ai Chi
  • Rock Steady Boxing

Coach by Color®

Look for it on Fitness Schedule

Coach By Color® standardizes and optimizes a user’s indoor cycling training experience either in a group, personal or cardio floor setting allowing them to manage and maximize the results from whichever format they choose for their training. ICG® is the only provider on the market to combine the individual FTP value (continuous power threshold in watts) with five colored training zones with the Coach By Color® training system. To Coach By Color® is to use one of the world’s most intuitive and effective forms of communication to improve the exerciser experience.

Getting Started Sessions

Free for all NEW members. NEW members will get 1 FREE Getting Started Session with a Personal Trainer. This session could include going over a health questionnaire, assessments, intro to health coaching, nutrition, goal setting, a personal training session, or an equipment education. Taking advantage of this program will start you off on the YMCA right foot.

Track Information

1. No food, gum or drink on track.

2. Track is for anyone 10 and older.

3. 4+ times around is a mile.

4. Counterclockwise is the regular pattern of the track.

5. Be courteous to runners and walkers around you.

6. Sneakers and soft sole shoes only—no spikes.

7. No roller blades or skateboards.

8. Joggers and Walkers should use outside Lanes.

9. You make a mess, you clean it up.

10. Inside lane is for runners.

11. Low usage times are 1–3:30 PM | Mondays–Fridays.

Speciality Trainings

Personal Training

This is a program for the individual looking for a one on one workout with a qualified trainer. The workout is geared toward the participant’s goals. Personal training can be done at the YMCA or as an added option, it can be done virtually through one of our video conferencing methods. Workout in the comfort of your own home with a trainer via zoom. Price Brochures are available at the YMCA.

Group Personal Training

Workout with your friends or let us find some people to workout with. Group Training still has the same one on one experience but you are also motivated by others in your group.

LazyMan Ironman Challenge

Challenge yourself this summer!

Earn a Y Sweat Towel by completing the challenge. Cost is $20 per person.

You have ONE month to complete:
• Run or Walk 26.2 miles
• Row or Swim 2.5 miles
• Bike or Elliptical 112 miles

Personalized Fitness Room

This room was designed for Adult patrons only. Pre-planned circuit workouts will be designed for you Monday through Sunday on a TV screen. If you are searching for a workout and want it at all times of the day, the Personalized Fitness Room is the place for you.

Bootcamp 2.0 Coming Soon

Bootcamp 2.0 is coming in June 2024. More information coming soon!

37th Annual Bob Lauterbach Memorial Downtown Runaround


July 20 | 8 AM | Downtown Columbus

Kids Run


July 19 | 7 PM | Lake Esther

Fitness for Kids

YMCA Policy Reminder: The Wellness Floor and Fitness Classes are for youth–high school age and older (unless they have taken the Youth Strength Training Class and wear their shirt). On the last day of school as an 8th grader, after school is complete for the day, the youth is considered a 9th grader and can use the equipment.

Youth Strength Training Class–Step 1

This program is designed for 11 year olds to the end of 8th Grade, to teach them the principles of weight lifting and how to use machines on the Wellness Floor. Successfully completing the course earns you a YMCA muscle shirt to be worn when using the Wellness Floor, track and studios. Youth Strength Training shirts need to be worn until High School. This is a privilege and it can be taken away. This is MEMBERS ONLY. Limit of 5 per class. There is an 8th Grade Test Out option. See Gemini for more information.

Days and Times

Wednesday, April 24
3:00–5:30 PM

Wednesday, May 8
3:00–5:30 PM

Thursday, May 23
10:00 AM–12:30 PM

Thursday, June 6
9:00 AM–12:00 PM

Tuesday, June 18
9:00 AM–12:00 PM

Monday, July 15
1:00–3:30 PM


$45 | Private Class also available: $58

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