Youth Fitness

Yoga for Parents and Kids

June 1 – June 18

Parent and Me Yoga classes – for 3 yrs – 7 yrs

Monday and Wednesday at 9:15am (45 min)

2 classes a week – 6 classes $25.00

1 class a week – 3 classes $15.00


Family Track Time 

Need to be on the track with your family (adult, high school and older) with younger ones.  Strollers are allowed during this time

Tuesday 4‐5:30pm
Friday 7‐9pm
Sunday 4‐5:30pm

Summer Hours ‐ June ‐ August
Monday – Friday 10:15am ‐ 11:15am


Youth Strength Training Class Step 1

This is a program designed for youth 11-14 years old to teach them the principles of weight lifting and how to use machines on the Wellness Floor. Successfully completing the course earns you a YMCA muscle shirt to be worn when using the exercise rooms and the track. This is a privilege and it can be taken away. This is MEMBERS ONLY.
Days and Times:
April 10th Good Friday – 9am-12pm
May 27th 9am – 12pm Wednesday
June 8th 1pm- 4pm  Monday
July 13th 1pm -4pm Monday
Limit of 15 per class

Cost: $40.00

 Private Class also available –  $55.00


Step 2 Youth Strength Training

Take what you learned in Youth Strength Training Clinic and make sure you completely understand all the principles.  Workout with a trainer for 4 days.
Session 1 -June 15-18
Monday – Thursday 11am – 12pm

Cost $20 per session


Youth Run Conditioning Class

For beginners and experiened runners. T-Shirt awarded for perfect attendance.
Date/Time: June 11-July 2, Thursday Mornings 9am-10am

Cost: $10


Fitness For Kids

YMCA policy Reminder:  The Wellness Floor and Fitness Classes are for youth- High School age and older (unless they have taken the Youth Strength Training Class and wear their shirt.)  On the last day of school as an 8th grader, after school is complete for the day, the youth is considered a 9th grader and can use the equipment.

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