Youth Fitness

Youth Fitness

Youth Strength Training Clinic – Step 1

We have changed this course’s age requirement
This is a program designed for youth 11-14 years old to teach them the principles of weight lifting and how to use machines on the Wellness Floor. Successfully completing the course earns you a YMCA muscle shirt to be worn when using the exercise rooms and the track. This is a privilege and it can be taken away. This is for MEMBERS ONLY. Limit of 10 per class.
Mon., August 13, 9-12pm
Tues., Sept 11, 4-7pm
Sat., Oct 20, 9-12pm
Wed., Nov 21, 2-4:30pm
Cost: $40 Private Class $55

Youth Strength Training – Step 2

Take what you learned in Youth Strength Training Clinic and make sure you completely understand all theprinciples. Workout with a trainer for 2 days.
Session 1: December 27 and 28
Thursday and Friday 11am – 1pm
Cost: $20

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